10 times when Korean actors showed their ripped bodies

It is common in Korean movies and dramas when actors reveal their muscular and ripped bodies, but it is always exciting. Here are the best 10 times when they have shown their toned up bodies.

1. Gong Yoo – He revealed his body in several projects

2. Lee Seung Gi – Despite his playful personality, Lee Seung Gi has quite the toned body.

3. Song Joong Ki – His muscular body is shown in DOTS, Arthdal Chronicles.

4. Lee Byung Hun – He is known for his physique, as he’s shown it off during many of his action scenes.

5. Park Seo Joon – He has tall and bulky physique, which is every man’s dream.

6. Nam Joo Hyuk – He looks like a professional swimmer.

7. Hyun Bin – His body is just perfect.

8. Kim Woo Bin – He might be known for his height, but there’s a lot of muscle too.

9. Kim Soo Hyun – He has not only pretty face, but also ripped body.

10. Won Bin – This scene is legendary, showing his handsome face and muscular body.

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