Top 11 Strong and Inspiring Female Characters of Korean Dramas

Passive, soft and delicate female leads were common in Korean dramas for a long time. Usually, there are two handsome, rich and almighty guys, fighting over a tiny weak woman and helping her with all her problems. All she does is to cry every time she faces a problem, waiting for someone to solve it for her. But not anymore.

For past few years, we have seen several inspiring and strong female leads, who can easily solve all her problems. Women who are resilient and strong, who are intelligent and excel in their fields. These are the characters who are not only strong and inspiring, but also beautiful and stylish.

1. Jang Man Wol (Hotel Del Luna)

2. Yoon Se Ri (Crash Landing On You)

3. Ji Sun Woo (The World Of The Married)

4. Ko Moon Young (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay)

5. Go Ae-Shin (Mr. Sunshine)

6. Jeon Mi Do (Hospital Playlist)

7. Jo Yi Seo (Itaewon Class)

8. Won In Jae (Start Up)

9. Jung Geum Ja (Hyena)

10. Go Hae Ri (Vagabond)

11. Hong Cha Young (Vincenzo)

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