Top 11 Highest-Paid Korean Actresses – how much do they earn per episode?

Korean dramas are ruling hearts all over the globe and no doubt their actors are doing fantastic job. Beautiful actresses are one of the main reasons why Korean dramas are so popular worldwide. Since Korean dramas are doing very good around the world, actors are earning pretty good too. There are 10 highest paid Korean actresses. They are not only beautiful and talented, but also rich and successful.

11. Park Shin Hye – She earns approximately 22,700 USD per episode.

10. Son Ye Jin – She earns about 23,000 USD per episode.

9. Shin Min Ah – She earns about 27,000 USD per episode.

8. Park Bo Young – She is paid approximately 27,300 USD per episode.

7. Gong Hyo Jin – She earns about 36,500 USD per episode.

6. Kim Tae Hee – She is paid approximately 37,000 USD per episode.

5. Ha Ji Won – She earns 45,000 USD per episode.

4. Choi Ji Woo – She is paid about 46,000 USD per episode.

3. Song Hye Kyo – She is paid 54,000 USD per episode.

2. Lee Young Ae – She is paid approximately 90,700 USD per episode.

  1. Jun Ji Hyun – She earns about 100,000 USD per episode.

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