Korean celebrities who are awarded with National Titles

South Korea has so many incredible talents. Korean Celebrities fame can be measured by how much they receive love and support from fans. Most fans even show their support to their favorite celebrity by giving them ‘National title’ to be more recognize and appreciate by the people. Beloved and adored by many, these individuals hold their places for a reason—be it for their exceptional accomplishments or their highly-appreciated contributions to the country.

1. Bae Suzy – She holds the coveted title of “Nation’s First Love,” which she earned after starring in the 2012 romance film, Architecture 101.

2. Eric Nam – Eric holds “Nation’s Boyfriend.” title. He is talented, handsome, and smart, he was given this title for a reason.

3. IU – She was given the title of “Nation’s Sweetheart” and “Nation’s Little Sister” after debuting at the young age of 15.

4. Yeo Jin Goo – He holds a title of “Nation’s Little Brother” for being a well known child actor who started his career at just 8 years old.

5. Jun Ji Hyun – There are several actresses who hold the title of “Nation’s First Love,” and she is one of them.

6. Rain – He was hilariously awarded the title of “The Nation’s Thief” after marrying Kim Tae Hee and stealing the beloved Korean goddess’ heart.

7. Kim Tae Hee – She was given a title of “The Perfect Daughter of Your Mother” by Korean public.

8. Park Bo Gum – He was crowned with several titles such as “Nation’s Boyfriend,” “Nation’s Crown Prince,” and “Nation’s Man of Good Influence.”

9. Girls Generation – They are titled as “Nation’s Girl Group” by being the most influential and famous girl group.

10. Big Bang – They are awarded with title of “Nation’s Boy Band” as they were one of the first K-pop groups to introduce K-pop to the international market.

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