Best Chaebol Characters in Korean drama – part 1

In the K-drama world, plot with chaebol handsome man is very popular. For your information, chaebol is a rich person who comes from generations of wealth. It’s hard not to fall in love with a charming and attractive chaebol, since they wear the most stylish outfits with a seamless kind of confidence. Here are the best chaebol characters in Korean drama world. Name your favorite character.

1. Kang Chul in W: Two Worlds Apart (2016): Played by Lee Jong Suk

2. Kim Joo-Won in Secret Garden (2010) – Played by Hyun Bin

3. Kim Tan in Heirs (2013) – Played by Lee Min Ho

4. Lee Young Joon in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018) – Played by Park Seo Joon

5. Ji-Woon, Hyun-Min, Seo-Woo in Cinderella and Four Knights – Played by Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyeon, Lee Jung Shin

6. Ahn Min Hyuk in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017) – Played by Park Hyung Shik

7. Gu Jun Pyo in Boys over Flowers (2009) – Played by Lee Min Ho

8. Do Min Ik in The Secret Life Of My Secretary (2019): Played by Kim Young Kwang

9. Byun Hyuk in Revolutionary Love (2017) – Played by Choi Si Won

10. Kim Min Kyu in I Am Not A Robot (2017): Played by Yoo Seung Ho

Part 2 is coming soon.

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