7 memorable Song-Song scenes from ‘Descendants of the Sun’

Here are 7 iconic scenes from Descendants of the Sun, a drama about a soldier and a surgeon who fall in love while on the front lines of a fictional war-torn country.

1. Rooftop Scene

Shi Jin and Dr Kang was supposed to have a date but an emergency call forces him to leave immediately on the rooftop. However, it was such an enchanting moment that they made a promise on a movie date the next time he comes back. The scene where Shi Jin getting on the helicopter while looking to the eyes of Dr Kang and flying off over the city is truly mesmerising.

2. Beach Scene

Shi Jin once took Dr Kang to a shipwreck beach on a remote island as the duo made their promises to come back to the island and gazing upon stars in the skies on the beach at night.

3. Confession Scene

Dr Kang had an accident when she lost control of her call causing it to hurl to the edge of a cliff. Fearing that she won’t make it out alive, she makes a recording of her last words on how she regrets on not confessing to Shi Jin and how it feels to be kissed by him. She survives and eventually Shi Jin heard the recordings that awkwardly played all over their base.

4. Truck Kiss Scene

After a back-and-forth argument over the recordings, the soldier and the doctor hitch a ride on the back of a truck as both of them showing their sincere gratitude and appreciation for one another, finally leading them to kissing and riding into the sunset.

5. Ramen Scene

The two lovers had dinner in the dark when they dine in their base eating ramen in the dark, well not completely dark exactly but putting on the night vision gear while enjoying their evening meal.

6. Drink Scene

Soldiers and troops are not allowed to drink on-site but that doesn’t stop Shi Jin from approaching to Dr Kang while she was sipping and drinking the bottle of wine in a tensed moment between the two.

7. Legendary Flip Phone Scene

The iconic scene of Shi Jin flipping the phone off the hands of Dr Kang marks the beginning of the tale of the lovable duo throughout the series igniting the feud and chemistry between the Song and Song couple.

Here’s our top 7 moments for this iconic Korean drama. Leave a comment below on which scene you think it’s the sweetest for you 🙂

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