10 must-watch dramas starring Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy otherwise known as Suzy is a popular Korean actress and singer. If you are a frequent follower of k pop idols and Korean dramas and movies then it hard to miss Bae Suzy as she is always in the spotlight.

Suzy rose to fame in her acting career with the dramas listed below. Here, a few of Bae Suzy’s dramas where she played those serious characters—plus a few rom-com leads:

Start-Up (tvN / 2020) – Seo Dal-Mi

“Start-Up” is set in South Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley named Sandbox and tells the stories of people in the world of startup companies. Suzy stars as Seo Dal Mi, who dreams of becoming the Korean Steve Jobs, and Nam Joo Hyuk stars as Nam Do San, the founder of Samsan Tech.

Vagabond (SBS / 2019) – Go Hae-Ri

Cha Dal-Geon (Lee Seung-Gi) is a stunt man who dreams of becoming a world famous action actor. His career is floundering, while he tries to take care of his nephew as his guardian. His nephew takes a flight from Incheon to Morocco for a taekwondo exhibition, but the flight crashes. In Morocco, Cha Dal-Geon sees someone in public that was a passenger on the fatal flight. He becomes convinced that someone or some group sabotaged his nephew’s flight.

Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy) is an NIS agent and is currently working undercover at the Korean embassy in Morocco. She is tasked by the embassy to help the bereaved families from the fatal flight. Cha Dal-Geon turns to Go Hae-Ri for help in finding the man he saw in Morocco who was a passenger on the flight. Soon, Cha Dal-Geon and Go Hae-Ri uncover a far darker and more sinister conspiracy than they expected.

While You Were Sleeping | Dangshini Jamdeun Saie (SBS / 2017) – Nam Hong-Joo

This legal fantasy television series centers on the lives of three young adults—a field reporter, a prosecutor, and a police officer—who have acquired the ability to foresee future events through their dreams.

Uncontrollably Fond | Hambooro Aeteuthage (KBS2 / 2016) – No Eul

Shin Joon-young and Noh Eul  were classmates who were separated during their teenage years due to an ill-fated relationship, but later meet each other in adulthood. Shin Joon-young is now a top actor-singer while Noh Eul is a documentary producer.  The two reunite when Noh Eul is tasked to film Shin Joon-young’s documentary. Joon-young initially gives Noh Eul a miserable time before finally agreeing to do the documentary and even plans to win her heart back.

My Love From the Star | Byeoleseo On Namja (SBS / 2013-2014) – Ko Hye-Mi (ep.17)

Gu Family Book | Gugaui Seo (MBC / 2013) – Dam Yeo-Wool

Human/werefox half-breed Choi Kang Chi discovers the truth about his origins and searches for the mystical Gu Family Book, which holds the secret to becoming fully human.

Big (KBS2 / 2012) – Jang Ma-Ri

Sent From Heaven | Seonnyeoga Pilyohae (KBS2 / 2012) – Would-be actress (ep. 26)

Dream High 2 | Deurimhai 2 (KBS2 / 2012) – Suzy (ep.15)

Dream High (KBS2 / 2010) – Ko Hye-Mi

Dream High was aired on KBS in 2011, it followed the storyline of the life of high school students attending, Kirin High School, a school known for producing K-pop singers and idols. Suzy played Go Hye-mi, a talented girl with an icy exterior and proud demeanor that sometimes worked against her – especially at the beginning of the series.

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