10 Highest Paid Korean Actors – how much do they earn per episode?

Korean dramas are rulling hearts all over the globe and no doubt their actors are doing fantastic job. Handsome actors are one of the main reasons why Korean dramas are so popular worldwide. Since Korean dramas are doing very good around the world, actors are earning pretty good too. There are 10 highest paid Korean actors.

10. Ji Chang Wook – He played main roles in popular TV series Empress Ki, Healer, K2. Lastly, he starred in drama “Backstreet Rookie” as a main male actor. He earns 50,000USD per episode.

9. Lee Jong Suk –  Lee Jong Suk became famous after his role in drama “School 2013”. Since then he played main roles in TV series “I hear your voice, While you were sleeping, Doctor Stranger”. He earns 50,300USD per episode.

8. Song Joong Ki – He is recognized for his roles in “Sungkyunwan Scandal, Innocent Man, Werewolf boy”, but became worldwide star after starring in “Descendants of the Sun”. Lately he played a main role in popular drama “Vincenzo”. He earns 52,000USD per episode.

7. Yoo Ah In – His dramas “Sungkyunwan Scandal, Fashion King, Secret Affair, Six Flying Dragons, Chicago Typewriter” did very good. He played in famous films too. He earns 59,000USD per episode.

6. Lee Seung Gi – He played a main character in TV Series “My Girlfriend is Gumiho, The King 2 Hearts, Vagabond”. He does very good in variety shows “Strong Heart, Master in the House” too. He earns 59,000USD per episode.

5. Lee Min Ho – He is known as “Drama King”, he became recognized for his role “Gu Jun Pyo” in Boys over Flowers. He played in many successful dramas “City Hunter, Heirs, Legend of the Blue Sea”. He earns 62,000USD per episode.

4. Jo In Sung – He played in many famous dramas and movies. For instance: It’s okay that’s love, Winter the wind blows, Classic, A Dirty carnival, Frozen flower, The King. He earns 67,000USD per episode.

3. So Ji Sub – His dramas ” Oh My Venus, Master’s Sun, My Secret Taurus” became so popular worldwide. Before that, he starred in famous classic dramas, such as “I am sorry I Love you, Something Happened in Bali”. He earns 67,000USD per episode.

2. Hyun Bin – His latest drama “Crash Landing on You” became most loved drama of 2020. His previous dramas “My Name is Kim Samsооn, Secret Garden’ did very good too. He earns 84,000USD per episode.

1. Kim Soo Hyun – Dream High, Moon Embracing the Sun, My Love from the Star soared in ratings, when they were aired. His overall amazing performance makes him a top star and ranks him the highest paid Korean actor. He earns 165,000USD per episode.

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